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Interest and Qualifications for Serving on Committees and Forums

If you are interested in participating in the WRAP, please fill out this brief solicitation of interest form. The WRAP Charter and By-Laws, along with a Fact Sheet on the WRAP, are available.

The WRAP provides limited travel reimbursement to individuals from selected interest groups who would be unable to participate without such assistance. The terms and conditions of reimbursement are detailed in the WRAP Travel Reimbursement Policy.

Please indicate below the areas in which you are interested in participating.

Please note that all meetings of the WRAP forums and committees are open to the public and opportunities will be provided for input and participation from any interested party without regard to committee or forum membership status.



Company, organization or stakeholder group you will represent:



Phone _____________________________________Fax ______________________________________



Areas of Interest

Standing Committees:

Committee members are appointed by the Board. Committee descriptions and an organization chart are available for your review.

_______Technical Oversight Committee

_______Initiatives Oversight Committee

_______Air Managers Committee

_______Communications Committee


Forum members are appointed by the Forum Co-Chairs who are responsible for ensuring balanced representation and appropriate expertise. Forum descriptions and an organization chart are available for your review.

_______Air Pollution Prevention Forum (Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency)

_______Air Quality Modeling Forum

_______Ambient Air Monitoring and Reporting Forum

_______Economic Analysis Forum

_______Emissions Forum

_______Fire Emissions Joint Forum

_______Market Trading Forum

_______Mobile Sources Forum

_______Sources In and Near Class I Areas Forum

_______Tribal Data Development Work Group

Reasons for Interests

Please briefly give the reasons you are interested in working on the areas you identified above.


Please briefly describe your qualifications for working on the area(s) you identified above. Please include a resume, but it should not substitute for completing this section.

Please fax or mail this completed form to:

Patrick Cummins
Western Governors' Association
1600 Broadway, Suite 1700
Denver, CO 80202
T: (970) 884-4770
M: (970) 799-0970
F: (303) 534-7309
E-mail: [email protected]

Bob Gruenig
National Tribal Environmental Council
4520 Montgomery Blvd. Suite 3
Albuquerque, NM 87109
T: (505) 242-2175
F: (505) 242-2654
[email protected]

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