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Stationary Sources Joint Forum: Documents

Final Documents

Baseline and 2018 SO2 Emission Inventory for Non-EGUs in the 5 States Participating in the Western Backstop Program (11/20/06)

  • Final Pechan Report PDF
  • Summary Presentation PDF or PPT

Memo from Air Directors of 309 States to the SSJF Regarding Completion of the 5-State SO2 Program and Other Stationary Source Issues (04/20/06) PDF

Memo from WEST Associates on Important Elements to Be Considered in Making Decisions on Regulating Stationary Sources Under the Regional Haze Rule (03/29/06) PDF

Final EPA NOx PSD Rule (10/12/05) PDF

  • WRAP Comments on EPA NOx PSD Proposal (06/06/05) PDF

EPA's Analysis of NOx Controls in the West under an Expansion of the Clean Air Insterstate Rule (06/02/04) XLS

  • Summary of Analysis PDF or PPT
Draft Documents

Draft Report: Identification of BART-Eligible Sources in the WRAP Region (04/04/05)
The federal regional haze rule requires each state to submit a list of BART-eligible sources as part of its implementation plan or implemantation plan revision, which are due by December 2007. This draft report presents a regionally-consistent, preliminary list of eligible, non-eligible, and possibly-eligible sources. Comments are being requested on the quality and clarity of the report, the methods employed, and the presentation of results, especially since the report will provide the basis or starting point for further BART investigations. Although, comments and new data will be accepted regarding the eligibility of particular sources, such data is expected to be the focus of continuing, longer-term efforts to develop the regional haze implementation plans. Comments should be submitted to Lee Alter by Friday, May 13.

  • Executive Summary PDF or DOC
  • BART Report Without Appendices PDF (.9 MB) or DOC (2.6 MB)
  • BART Report With Appendices (2.5 MB) PDF
  • REVISED (10/18/05) Appendix H: Master List of Sources and Their Eligibility XLS (.8 MB)
  • REVISED (10/18/05) Appendix K: Eligibility of Steam Electric Plants at the Unit Level XLS (0.4 MB)
  • Summary Presentation PDF or PPT

Quality Assurance Plan for Task 1.A, Draft PDF

Archived Documents

ERG Scope of Work: Emission Inventory and Control Technology Technical Support PDF or DOC

RFP: Technical Support for WRAP Activities to Address Point and Area Source Emissions PDF or DOC


Stationary Sources Joint Forum

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