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Documentation for the Annex
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Technical Support Documentation

IAS True-Up. The Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission (GCVTC) developed a computer model called the Integrated Assessment System (IAS) to generate information about future visibility and economic trends under a variety of pollution control scenarios. The IAS used the 1990 inventory as the base year for analysis. The 1996 GCVTC report included a commitment to "true-up" the IAS to ensure that data errors in the 1990 inventory and in the IAS model were corrected. The following technical reports describe the IAS "true-up" that was completed by the Western Regional Air Partnership.

  1. IAS Update, Changes in and Current Sulfur Dioxide Emission Inventory
    by Patrick Ryan, Ryan Consulting, April 1, 1998.
    pdf format   Word format
  2. Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission Integrated Assessment System Documentation Summary, Task 2.1 Final Report, report number 99.03.001/572, prepared by The Pechan-Avanti Group, March 3, 1999
    pdf format  WordPerfect format
  3. Emissions Information Acquisition and Verification, Task 2.2 - Other Point Source Costing, Draft Report, report number 99.02.007/572, by the Pechan-Avanti Group, March 3, 1999.
    pdf format  WordPerfect format
  4. Letter from the Pechan-Avanti Group dated March 3, 1999 regarding "Emissions Information Acquisition and Verification, Task 2.3 Report/Comments". This letter provides Pechan-Avanti's observations about its review of control information for power plants, copper smelters, and petroleum refineries that already exists in IAS for accuracy and consistency with documentation.
    WordPerfect format
  5. Memorandum from Pat Ryan Consulting dated March 4, 1999 regarding "WRAP Emissions Inventory and BFS True-Up: Includes Pechan-Avanti controls for other point sources.
    pdf format   Word format
  6. Trued-Up Sulfur Dioxide Inventory for 1990 From Facilities Emitting 100t/y or Greater, and Results of Running the IAS Baseline Forecast Scenario with this Emission Inventory, prepared by Patrick A Ryan, Ph.D., Ryan Consulting, January 26, 2000.
    pdf format   Word Perfect format

Section 2. Current Emissions Inventory and Projections

  1. Historic and Future SO2 Emissions Analysis 9 State Western Region, Draft  Report, by E.H. Pechan & Associates, Inc., July 28, 2000.
    pdf format   WordPerfect format
  2. Revised Appendix A for the Pechan report. The July 28, 2000 report contains three tables in Appendix A. The third table shows corrected inventory numbers for Oregon that had not been included in the report. The revised Appendix A incorporates those changes into the previous two tables. Corrections have not yet been made to the main report.
    pdf format   WordPerfect format
  3. Emissions Inventory Reconciliation Utility Sector, prepared by ICF Consulting, August 11, 2000.
    PowerPoint format

Section 3. Economic Analysis of Milestone Options

  1. Economic Impacts of Implementing a Regional SO2 Emissions Program in the Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Region Volume I, prepared by ICF Consulting, September, 2000. PowerPoint format
  2. Economic Impacts of Implementing a Regional SO2 Emissions Program in the Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Region Volume II, prepared by ICF Consulting, September, 2000. PowerPoint format
    NOTE: The above link is to the preliminary report which was replaced by a report,
    ICF REMI 2-13-01 FINAL.ppt, which includes corrections made in response to comments at the November 7-8, 2000 MTF meeting

Section 4. Visibility Analysis of Milestone Options

  1. Expected Changes to Visibility in 2018 at 16 Class I Areas in the Southwest from Adopting More Stringent Sulfur Dioxide Emission Caps, Draft Final Report 900420-2017-DFR, prepared by Patrick A. Ryan and Neil J.M. Wheeler, Sonoma Technologies, Inc., October 5, 2000.
    pdf format
  2. Memo Dated September 22, 2000 from Patrick Ryan, Ph.D., Sonoma Technology, Inc. regarding IAS Sulfate Predictions.
    pdf format  Word format  

Section 5. Suspended Copper Smelters

  1. Letter dated April 24, 2000 from BHP Copper, Inc. regarding "Request to Confirm Economic Suspension for the BHP Copper North America - San Manuel Smelter".
    zipped file format
  2. Letter dated May 10, 2000 from Phelps Dodge Mining Company regarding "Description of Temporary Suspension Status for the Phelps Dodge Corporation's Hidalgo Smelter".
    pdf format   Word format  

Section 6. Best Available Retrofit Technology (BART) for Regional Haze

  1. Western Regional Air Partnership Regional Haze BART (Trading Program Option), draft dated July 16, 1999. This draft document was developed by the WRAP states to outline a process for determining applicability and for estimating regional emission reductions due to the application of BART for SO2. The document was the basis for MTF discussions regarding BART, although the document was not revised to reflect final MTF decisions. Attachment C. to the Annex describes the final control technology assumptions and emission reduction estimates.
    pdf format  WordPerfect format
  2. Allstat8.xls spreadsheet calculations that provide a regional estimate of the SO2 emissions reductions that would occur in the region due to the installation of control technology. The spreadsheets have not factored in the improvement in visibility that would result from the installation of control technology. (Note: Allstat8.xls contains some very minor corrections to the Allstat7.xls spreadsheet that was used as the basis for the Annex.)
    Excel format

Section 7. Tribal Perspective

  1. Equity in Implementation, a Tribal Position Paper on Market Trading Options in the Western Regional Air Partnership (WRAP), Developed by the National Tribal Environmental Council, March 1999.
    Word Perfect format

Technical Supporting Documentation for the Supplementary Annex Submittal

The MTF recommends submitting the following documents as supplements to the technical supporting documentation of the Annex. The WRAP will consider this recommendation during their meeting on May 23-24, 2001 at the Pueblo of Acoma.

Additional Technical Documentation Submitted on September 24, 2001
As Promised In The Earlier Supplementary Annex Submittal.

  • "Sensitivity analysis 8-3" (DOC or WPD) Sensitivity analysis to support the "Greater Reasonable Progress than BART" demonstration in Attachment C of the Annex. (Moved 9/26/01)
  • "WGA-AnnexFollowUp.doc" Results of new visibility modeling that was conducted by Sonoma Technology as part of a sensitivity analysis. The sensitivity analysis paper that is described above should be reviewed to understand the purpose of this new modeling, and how the results are used in the overall analysis. (Moved 9/26/01)
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