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Market Trading Forum: Documents

Final Documents

Stationary Source NOx and PM Emissions in the WRAP Region: An Initial Assessment of Emissions, Controls, and Air Quality Impacts
This report is required as part of the Section 309 SIPs, but contains information relevant to all WRAP states and is designed to be a starting point for assessing stationary source NOx and PM emissions as required of all SIPs and SIP revisions due in the 2005-08 timeframe. (10/01/03)

  • Executive Summary PDF
  • Full Report PDF (3.38 MB)
  • Report in Word DOC Format:
    • Sections I-V DOC (1.3 MB)
    • Section VI DOC (1 MB)
    • Section VI Appendices DOC (500 kb)

Draft of Western Backstop SO2 Trading Program Model SIP/TIP and Model Rule (08/13/03)

  • Model SIP/TIP DOC
  • Model Rule DOC

Note: The Model Rule above does not contain revisions to the monitoring provisions provided by Perrin Quarles Associates on August 13, 2003. For these revisions, click here.

Regulatory Text for the Emissions Monitoring, Recordkeeping, and Reporting Provisions of the WEB Model Rule

  • Final draft of regulatory text (08/13/03) PDF or WPD
  • Background / fact sheet (05/30/03) PDF or WPD
  • Summary of responses to and comments by EPA’s Clean Air Markets Division (05/30/03) PDF or WPD

Western Backstop (WEB) Emissions and Allowance Tracking System (EATS) Analysis (07/31/03) PDF or WPD (Zipped Archive)

SO2 Emissions Monitoring Protocols for Non-Utility Sources, Final Draft (05/30/03) PDF or WPD

Recommendations for Making Attribution Determinations in the Context of Reasonably Attributable BART
This report recommends approaches for determining if visibility impairment is reasonably attributable to a source or group of sources, often known as reasonably attributable visibility impairment (RAVI). (05/22/03) PDF

Projections Report for the 2018 Base Case Emission Inventory (12/04/02)

Non-Utility Sector Allocation Final Report, from the Allocations Working Group (12/02/02) PDF or WPD

An Assessment of Critical Mass for the Regional SO2 Trading Program (10/03/02) PDF or DOC

Year 2000 Point Source SO2 Emissions Analysis - 9 State Western Region (Updated 05/21/02) DOC or WPD
From the WRAP Emissions Forum

The Final Report of the 1996 base year emission inventory for the WRAP region is now available on the Emissions Forum web page. This inventory will be the best starting point for information regarding sources of NOx and PM in the WRAP region.

RA BART Case Studies that were developed by WESTAR under contract to the (Northern) Air Managers Committee. (Updated 12/18/01)

Draft Documents

Draft revisions to the RAVI MOU between FLMs and States/Tribes to add a commitment to provide information in a public forum regarding potential visibility impairment issues to allow consideration of this information in the market prior to a certification process.

Archived Documents

Letter from EPA regarding the greater reasonable progress demonstration for SO2 in other Class I areas and expansion of the backstop trading program to other states. (PDF) (09/25/02)

American Corngrowers vs. EPA Appeals Court Decision


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