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Market Trading Forum: Allowance Allocations

Strawman proposal for determining utility floor based on an 85% control level as the floor (01/14/03)

  • 6 State Utility / Non-Utility Split shows how the milestone and new source set-aside would be changed assuming that CA, CO and NV opt out of the program. XLS
  • Possible Floor Level for Utilities estimates the floor at 85% control and 85% capacity factor, and also estimates the reducible allocation for each utility assuming that there is a utility, non-utility split. Utility allocations are calculated for a 9-state total, and for a 6-state total (CA, CO, and NV opt out). XLS

Utility/Non-Utility Split for Purposes of Allocations
At the MTF meeting on Sept. 19-20, we discussed the concept of splitting the utility and non-utility allocation process to provide greater certainty regarding the allowances that will be available for each sector. The split would only apply to the allocation process, and there would still be a regional market that included all sources. The following spreadsheets outline a methodology to calculate the appropriate regional number for each sector. (09/25/02)

    1. Revised Opt In / Opt Out Adjustments is the starting point for the calculations. We discovered that an incorrect utility inventory that did not include retirement assumptions was inadvertently used in the Opt In/Opt Out spreadsheets that were submitted to EPA as part of the supplementary submittal in May 2001. This spreadsheet has been revised to use the correct utility inventory that was submitted with the Annex. In addition, a few minor changes were made to more closely match the utility/non-utility split process addressed in the 3rd spreadsheet on this list. XLS
    2. Emission Reconciliation v2.0 is the utility inventory that was prepared by ICF in the summer of 2000. This is the inventory that was submitted with the Annex. XLS
    3. Revised Utility / Non-Utility Split calculates a utility and a non-utility portion of the milestone for each milestone year. XLS

Non-Utility Sector Allocation Final Report from the Allocations Working Group (12/02/02) PDF or WPD

Scope of work for Non-Utility Sector Allocations
Scope of work for contract with Pechan and Associates to estimate non-utility floor allocations (05/06/02) PDF or WPD


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