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Initiatives Oversight Committee: Meetings & Calls

2006 Events

05/23/06 WRAP Workshop on Carbon, Fire and Dust, Sacramento, CA

03/21/06 Carbon/Dust Workshop Planning Call

02/24/06 Carbon/Dust Workshop Planning Call

01/18/06 Fire/Carbon/Dust Workshop Organization Call

01/10/06 WRAP Workshop on Sulfate, Nitrate, and Reasonable Progress, Tucson, AZ

2005 Events

04/25/05 IOC Call

2004 Events

05/12/04 IOC Call

01/15/04 IOC Call

2003 Events

12/08/03 IOC/TOC Call on Stationary Sources Joint Forum

07/28/03 NOx Issues in the West, Denver, CO

07/22/03 IOC Call

07/08/03 IOC Call

06/16/03 IOC Call

06/03/03 IOC Call

05/08/03 IOC Call

03/18/03 WRAP Forums and Planning Team Meeting, Santa Fe, NM

2002 Events

10/09/02 IOC Meeting, Tempe, AZ

10/07/02 Planning Team Meeting, Tempe, AZ

07/25/02 Planning Team Meeting, Denver, CO

07/11/02 IOC Meeting, Denver, CO

03/20/02 IOC Meeting Minutes and Documents, Tempe, AZ

2001 Events

12/13/01 IOC Meeting Minutes, San Diego, CA PDF

09/05/01 Planning Team Meeting, Seattle, WA

07/23/01 IOC Conference Call Minutes DOC

06/18/01 IOC Meeting Minutes, Portland, OR DOC               

04/30/01 IOC Conference Call Minutes DOC

2000 Events

11/09/00 IOC Meeting Agenda

09/15/00 IOC Conference Call Minutes

08/23/00 IOC Conference Call Minutes

03/28/00 IOC Meeting Minutes

01/31/00 IOC Conference Call Minutes

01/10/00 IOC Meeting Minutes


Initiatives Oversight Committee


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