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Fire Emissions Joint Forum

Inter-RPO 2002 National Wildfire Emissions Inventory (Emissions Task

  • Final Inter-RPO 2002 National Wildfire Emissions Inventory report PDF (05/07)
  • Results Presentation from 02/07 FEJF Meeting PDF or PPT
  • Inter-RPO 2002 National Wildfire Emission Inventory Results Presentation from 09/28/05 FEJF Meeting in Missoula Montana PDF (1MB) or PPT (1MB)
  • Final Work Plan: "Inter-RPO National 2002 Wildfire Emissions Inventory" PDF (03/09/05)

NIF 3.0 Point Source Format (Adapted for fire)

Data field definitions for NIF 3.0 format for fire XLS (10/27/05)

Central Regional Air Planning Association (CENRAP)
  • Wildfire EI ZIP (09/14/05, 93 MB)
Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Visibility Union (MANE-VU)
  • Wildfire EI ZIP (09/14/05, 22.8 MB)
Midwest RPO (MRPO)
  • Wildfire EI ZIP (09/14/05, 19.5 MB)
Visibility Improvement - State and Tribal Association of the Southeast (VISTAS)
  • Wildfire EI ZIP (09/15/05, 182 MB)
Western Regional Air Partnership (WRAP)
  • Wildfire EI ZIP (09/14/05, 22.4 MB)

SMOKE Model Format (PT/IDA)

National Wildfire EI ZIP (09/10/05, 10.7 MB)
Single zip file with two sets of PTINV, PTDAY, and PTHOUR fixed width text files

RFP: 2002 National Wildfire Emissions Inventory PDF or DOC


Fire Emissions Joint Forum



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