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Fire Emissions Joint Forum:
Enhanced Smoke Management Program (Task of the FEJF Workplan)

Policy on Enhanced Smoke Management
Programs for Visibility

The WRAP has approved the draft Policy on Enhanced Smoke Management Programs for Visibility, which was developed through a stakeholder process under the Fire Emissions Joint Forum. The WRAP's final approval of the ESMP Policy was passed at the November 12-13, 2002 Boardmeeting

  • Full Policy as Approved by the WRAP Board PDF (Updated 01/07/03)

The FEJF task ( of the FEJF Workplan) is to develop recommendations for an ESMP, which will address smoke effects on visibility from forest land, agricultural and range land burning. The ESMP Task Team addressed the criteria for implementation of ESMPs as outlined in the Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission Recommendations and Section 309 of the Regional Haze Rule (Rule). The ESMP Task Team incorporated recommendations from the FEJF's Natural Background Task Team's work which was adopted by WRAP as the "Policy for Categorizing Fire Emissions." The ESMP Task Team's work and the WRAP ESMP Policy will also affect states that select to develop SIPs under Section 308 of the Rule.

The ESMP Task Team work began in August 2001. The first meeting of the group was in Park City, Utah in September 2001. Subsequent meetings have been held in Phoenix, Tucson, San Diego and Portland. Smaller working groups of the Task Team have conducted conference calls or meetings. An extensive outreach process was also conducted by the Task Team to gather input on the draft ESMP Policy.

  • Compendium of the ESMP Task Team's work and process PDF (2.0 Mb)

NOTE: The ESMP Task Team fulfilled task number of the FEJF Workplan and therefore, as of December 2003, the ESMP Task Team is no longer a functioning task team.


Pete Lahm
USDA Forest Service
Fire and Aviation Management
1400 Independence Ave., SW
Mailstop: 1107
Washington, D.C. 20250-0003
T: (202) 205-1084
F: (202) 205-1272

Darla Potter
Wyoming DEQ-AQD
122 West 25th Street
Herschler Building 4
Cheyenne, WY 82002
T: (307)777-7346
F: (307)777-5616


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