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Fire Emissions Joint Forum:
Non-Burning Alternatives on Wildlands (Task

Non-burning alternatives to fires on wildlands will be assessed by characterizing their potential economic, social, and political impacts.


Nonburning Alternatives to Prescribed Fire on Wildlands in the Western United States, February 2004

  • Download / View Full Report PDF (12.2MB)
  • Download / View Report by Section
    • Index and Summary PDF (201Kb)
    • Chapter 1 Introduction PDF (430Kb)
    • Chapter 2 Vegetation Management: to Burn or Not to Burn PDF (298Kb)
    • Chapter 3 Nonburning Alternatives: Variables, Criteria, and Definitions PDF (8.6MB)
    • Chapter 4 Getting to Work: How to Build a Nonburning Strategy PDF (2.7MB)
    • Chapter 5 Conclusions and Recommendations PDF (125Kb)
    • Chapter 6 Preparers and Contributors PDF (90Kb)
    • Appendices PDF (631Kb)
      • Appendix A Sample Checklist of Considerations in Development of a Nonburning Strategy
      • Appendix B Partial List of Mechanical Equipment
      • Appendix C Potential Funding Sources for Nonburning Alternatives
      • Appendix D Current Federal, State, and Local Programs to Reduce Fuel Levels
      • Appendix E Potential Labor Sources
      • Appendix F Nonprofit Organizations Identified in the Interviews
      • Appendix G Barriers to Nonburning Alternatives Identified in the Interviews
      • Appendix H List of Interviewees
      • Appendix I Glossary

Task Team Archive

Presentation: Non-Burning Alternatives - Wildlands PPT
Prepared by Jones & Stokes for 12/10/02 FEJF Meeting

Nonburning Alternatives for Vegetation and Fuel Management PDF (November 2002)

RFP for Alternatives to Prescribed Fire on Wildlands PDF

Task Team Contacts

Brian Finneran (Co-Chair)
(503) 229-6278
[email protected]
Bob Palzer
Sierra Club
(541) 482-2492
[email protected]
Mike Dykzeul
OR Forest Industry Council
(503) 371-2942
[email protected]
Lisa Riener
Quinault Tribe
(360) 276-8211 x484
[email protected]
Steve Gerritson
Pacific Rim
(206) 224-9934
[email protected]

Fire Emissions Joint Forum



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