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Fire Emissions Joint Forum: About

The Fire Emissions Joint Forum (FEJF) was formed to assist the Western Regional Air Partnership in addressing the Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission's (GCVTC) Recommendations on fire. The term fire refers inclusively to wildfire, prescribed natural fire/wildland fire managed for resource benefits, prescribed fire, and agricultural fire. The Forum will be addressing a broad definition of smoke effects which includes consideration of public nuisance, public health and visibility/regional haze. The FEJF will be following its consensus based Workplan which will address four major topics.

Criteria for implementation of different stringencies of smoke management programs will be developed as well as specific smoke management program elements. Fire emissions will be directly assessed in terms of pollutant estimation methods, emission projections and tracking. There will be an assessment of the potential applicability and utility of non-burning alternatives to fire. The use of alternatives and other emission reduction methods will relate directly to the potential application of annual emission goals.

A public education and outreach program related to fire and smoke effects will also be developed. All recommendations to the WRAP and methods developed by the Forum are intended for Western U.S. application and will represent a consensus of FEJF members. Collaboration and cooperation with other entities addressing smoke management issues in the West have been included in the Workplan of the FEJF.

More specific information can be found in:

  • GCVTC Recommendations on fire PDF
  • FEJF Charge
  • he FEJF Workplan PDF
  • FEJF Soryline PDF
  • Task Team Operations and Procedures - FINAL PDF

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