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Fire Emissions Joint Forum:
Annual Emission Goals

The Western Regional Air Partnership (WRAP) has approved the draft Policy on Annual Emission Goals (AEG) for fire, which was developed through a stakeholder process under the Fire Emissions Joint Forum. The WRAP's final approval of the AEG Policy was passed on April 2, 2003.

  • Full and Final AEG Policy as Approved by the WRAP Board PDF (04/02/03)

The Western Regional Air Partnership (WRAP) is charged with developing technical and policy tools to assist states (or the delegated regulatory authority) and tribes with implementing the Regional Haze Rule (Rule).

The WRAP Policy on Annual Emission Goals for Fire (WRAP AEG Policy) was developed over a year-long period through a stakeholder-based consensus process to assist the WRAP region states and tribes in addressing emissions from fire sources. In this Policy, the WRAP seeks to provide a consistent framework that states and tribes can use to efficiently develop their individual implementation plans. The GCVTC recognized that projected increases in fire activity will result in episodic impacts on visibility in the West, and called for the development of annual emission goals that would minimize these impacts. Section 309 of the Rule specifically requires the establishment of annual emission goals that minimize emission increases from fire to the maximum extent feasible. Further, these goals must be developed in cooperation with states, tribes, land management agencies and private entities. In this WRAP AEG Policy, the WRAP outlines a process by which states/tribes may establish annual emission goals, based on the utilization of currently available emission reduction techniques (ERTs), to include in their regional haze implementation plans.


  • Final AEG Policy PDF (04/02/03)
  • FEJF Consensus Approved Annual Emission Goal Policy PDF (12/16/02)
  • AEG Policy PDF (12/01/02 Draft)
  • Annual Emission Goals Policy Reviewer Comments PDF
  • AEG Policy Review Page (Includes Original Policy Draft)


Pete Lahm
USDA Forest Service
Fire and Aviation Management
1400 Independence Ave., SW
Mailstop: 1107
Washington, D.C. 20250-0003
T: (202) 205-1084
F: (202) 205-1272
Darla Potter
Wyoming DEQ-AQD
122 West 25th Street
Herschler Building 4
Cheyenne, WY 82002
T: (307)777-7346
F: (307)777-5616



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