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Mexico National Emissions Inventory (NEI)

Subsequent to early efforts in the 1990’s by the Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission (GCVTC) and the Western Governors Association (WGA) to build emissions inventory capacity in Mexico, a project to develop the first comprehensive national emissions inventory for the country of Mexico began in 2000. The Mexico National Emissions Inventory (NEI) project was conducted with the financial support of the following organizations: WGA, U.S. EPA, Mexico’s Secretariat of the Environment and Natural Resources (Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales – SEMARNAT), Mexico’s National Institute of Ecology (Instituto Nacional de Ecología – INE) and the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC). Representatives from these partners, along with other stakeholders from government, academia, and private sector entities from on both sides of the U.S./Mexico border, provided technical guidance for the development of the Mexico NEI.

The objectives of the Mexico NEI were as follows:

  • Provide an improved technical basis for improved air quality analyses within Mexico and along both sides of its border;
  • Support institutional capacity building to compile, maintain, and update emissions inventories;
  • Comply with the Mexican Federal Environmental law mandating development and maintenance of a national emissions inventory;
  • Assist with regional haze requirements in the United States; and
  • Support the development of a tri-national emissions inventory of criteria pollutants for Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

1999 Base Year Inventory: The base year for the Mexico NEI was selected as 1999, and that inventory was developed in three phases. Phase I focused on organizing a technical advisory committee and developing the Inventory Preparation Plan. Phase II covered the development of the inventory for the six northern Mexican states (i.e., Baja California, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León, Sonora, and Tamaulipas) and was completed in April 2004. Phase III of the Mexico NEI project included the development of municipality-level inventory for the entire country (i.e., 2,444 municipalities located in 31 states and the Federal District) and completed in October 2006.

The Phase III Mexico NEI files contain an inventory of criteria pollutants (NOx, SO2, VOC, CO, PM10, PM2.5, and NH3) for point, area, mobile, and nonroad sources for 1999. Posted below are the final inventory reports and the associated NIF3.0 and SMOKE/IDA files.

  • Phase III Mexico 1999 NEI [Country Wide] Final Report (10/11/2006):
    • Executive Summary PDF
    • Full Report PDF (7 MB)
    • Appendices A – B PDF (1.2 MB)
    • Appendices C - H PDF (1.6 MB)
  • Phase III Mexico 1999 NEI [Country Wide] IDA files
    • IDA 26 Interior States v1.0 (01/08/07) ZIP (3.5 MB)
    • IDA 6 Border States v2.2 (01/19/06) ZIP
  • Phase III Mexico 1999 NEI [Country Wide] NIF3.0 files
    • NIF 26 Interior States v1.0 (01/08/07) ZIP (12.5 MB)
    • NIF 6 Border States v2.2 (01/19/06) ZIP (3.4 MB)

2018 Future Year Projections: Following the completion of the Phase III Mexico NEI, U.S. EPA and WGA sponsored a separate project to develop future year projections of the 1999 Mexico NEI to the years 2008, 2012, and 2030. Based upon the methodologies developed under this project, WRAP subsequently sponsored a task to develop projections for the year 2018, which were then incorporated in future regional haze planning modeling analyses (i.e., the “PRP18b” modeling runs). The 2018 NIF3.0 and SMOKE IDA files are provided below, along with the technical memorandum detailing the development methodology. In addition, the report for the other future year projections (i.e., 2008, 2012, and 2030) is also provided for complete reference.

  • 2018 Mexico NEI [Country Wide] Final Technical Memo (04/27/09) PDF
  • 2018 IDA files ZIP (4 MB)
  • 2018 NIF3.0 files ZIP (21 MB)
  • 2008/2012/2030 Projections Report (01/09/09) PDF

Historical Phase II Files (Six Northern Mexican States): For historical purposes, the Phase II Mexico NEI files for the six northern Mexican states are also posted below (i.e., the Phase II final report, the associated NIF3.0 and SMOKE/IDA files, and the technical memorandum explaining how the modeling files were developed). The WRAP’s Emissions Forum sponsored development of air quality model input files of the Phase II Mexico NEI independent of the Mexico NEI project; this was conducted by Eastern Research Group, Inc. (ERG). It should be noted that the “Country Wide” Phase III 1999 Mexico NEI supersedes the “Six Northern States” Phase II 1999 Mexico NEI. Although WRAP used the Phase II files in some of its initial regional haze modeling, the Phase III files represent the best inventory currently available for Mexico. Therefore in general, the Phase II files should not be used for future analytical purposes.

  • Development of Modeling Files for the Mexico NEI, Six Northern States, Final Memo(02/02/2006) PDF
  • Mexico NEI for the Six Northern States, Final Report (04/30/2004):
    • Table of Contents, Prologue, Executive Summary PDF
    • Final Report PDF
    • Appendices A – B PDF
    • Appendices C - H PDF
  • Mexico NEI IDA Files (Six Northern States) ZIP
  • Mexico NEI NIF3.0 Files (Six Northern States) ZIP (3.5 MB)

Comments or questions regarding the Mexico NEI should be directed to Marty Wolf at marty.wolf@erg.com or Tom Moore at tmoore@westar.org.


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