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Dust Emissions Joint Forum: New Mexico Pilot

NM Dust SIP Pilot for the Salt Creek Wilderness Area (11/01/06)
Contact Gail Cooke at Gail_Cooke@nmenv.state.nm.us with any questions.

  • Report PDF (4.8 MB) or DOC (6.1 MB)
  • Appendices
    • Appendix A – Dust Definition Case Study for Salt Creek (included under Appendix D, below)
    • Appendix B – Wind Erodibility Group Maps for Texas PDF (2.5 MB)
    • Appendix C – Monitoring for Salt Creek Class I Area PDF
    • Appendix D – EI Data for Salt Creek Class I Area (The Salt Creek Case Study includes additional emission inventory analysis performed as part of the Dust Definition and NM Pilot SIP projects)

      Final Feasibility Analysis of the Implementation of the WRAP's Dust Definition (01/07) PDF or DOC
      The goal of this project was to evaluate the feasibility of applying the WRAP's draft dust definition, particularly for delineating anthropogenic from natural sources of dust. The report describes criteria and related data and methods that could be used in this delineation. It also provides conclusions as to the general level of feasibility for implementing the draft dust definition for regional haze purposed based on readily available data and methods for each source type.

        • Appendix A: Data Resources Table PDF or XLS
        • Appendix C: Salt Creek Case Study (including appendices) PDF
          • Salt Creek Case Study without appendices DOC
          • Salt Creek Case Study appendices DOC 
    • Appendix E – Modeling Data for Salt Creek Class I Area PDF
    • Appendix F – Causes of Dust Analysis for Salt Creek Class I Area PDF (8 MB)
    • Appendix G – Dust Control Ordinances and Memoranda of Agreements PDF (3.7 MB)
    • Appendix H - Surface Operating Standards and Guidelines for Oil and Gas Exploration and Development (Only includes section on Reclamation and Abandonment) PDF
    • Appendix I - NMAC 19.2.100—Relating to Oil and Gas Leases; NMAC 19.2.20—Relating to Construction, Maintenance and Reclamation of Roads PDF
    • Appendix J - Chaves County, NM Natural Events Action Plan PDF (4 MB)

Reference Maps: Back Trajectories From Salt Creek And Carlsbad For Days With High Fine Soil Concentrations, and Other Maps For Days With High Nitrate Concentrations PDF or PPT

Final Report: Identification of Source Areas Affecting Dust Concentrations at Salt Creek and White Mountain Wilderness Areas in New Mexico (11/30/05) PDF (7.8 MB)

Scope of Work: New Mexico Dust Evaluation Pilot Project (07/01/05) PDF or DOC


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