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Air Quality Modeling Forum: Documents

Final Documents

2004 Regional Modeling Center Final Report Released (08/24/05)
The WRAP Regional Modeling Center (RMC) has released the Final RMC Report for project year 2004. The RMC is responsible for performing air quality modeling simulations for the WRAP region’s states and tribes in order to provide analytical results used in developing implementation plans under the Regional Haze Rule. Responsibilities of the RMC include: meteorological modeling; emissions processing and modeling; air quality and visibility modeling simulations; analysis, display, and reporting of modeling results; and storage and quality assurance of the modeling input and output files. The final report discusses RMC activities and deliverables for project year 2004, from March 1, 2004 through February 28, 2005. Please contact Dr. Gail Tonnesen of the University of California at Riverside, RMC Project Manager or Tom Moore, WRAP Technical Coordinator for more information.

  • RMC 2004 Final Report PDF (6.3MB)
  • RMC 2004 Final Report: Appendices A-E, Emissions PDF (1.8MB)
  • RMC 2004 Final Report: Appendix F, Model Evaluation Software PDF (1.2MB)

Regional Modeling Center releases An Improved Ammonia Inventory for the WRAP Domain (4/8/05)
This project is the result of work by RMC staff during 2003-04. The technical methods and input data which support the improved ammonia emissions inventory are described in detail in the report. The Ammonia Emissions Estimates from applying this method in the regional air quality models are also displayed for several important emissions source categories. The displays presented in the technical report are based on annual emission totals and do not reflect temporal variations presented due to environmental parameters such as meteorological data and soil characteristics. While the spatial distribution shown in the emissions displays are the same, the actual magnitudes will differ; the report discusses these differences. If you have questions about the report or the data displays, please contact Gerry Mansell of the RMC team.

RMC Progress for November 2004
Note: Modeling Forum calls will generally be the third Monday of each month at 2pm Mountain Time

Asian aerosols in North America: Frequency and concentration of fine dust PDF

Recent research indicates that much of the fine mineral dust observed at IMPROVE sites does not originate within the WRAP modeling domain. This suggests that problems with the dust algorithms may not be the only cause for poor closure between modeled and observed mineral aerosol concentrations. I have spent the last two years pondering this problem and submit for your consideration the attached paper. - Tony VanCuren, CARB

An Assessment of WRAP Modeling Needs PDF WRAP Ad Hoc Modeling Endpoints Working Subgroup (09/05/00) 

Needs and Responsibilities of Potential Hosts for WRAP Regional Technical Center PDF (09/05/00) 

Alternative Modeling Protocols PDF (08/31/00)

RFP Outline for RMC PDF (08/31/00)

Draft Documents

Draft RMC 2006 Final Report

Archived Documents

RMC Progress Reports:

  • October 2004 PDF
  • 2003 Final Report PDF or DOC

2002 AQMF Budget Request DOC (09/23/01)

Action Items for AQMF Forum DOC (08/27/01)

RMC Scope of Work PDF

Suggestions to Guide the Modeling Forum's Development of a Work Plan PDF (08/31/00)

Summary Work Plan PDF (07/28/00)


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