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Air Quality Modeling Forum: About

The Air Quality Modeling Forum (AQMF) is charged with the responsibility to identify, evaluate the performance of, and apply mathematical air quality modeling planning tools which are used to quantify the effects of alternative emission management options upon the air quality of the western United States. These models are used to answer "what if" types of questions, that is, how will visibility change with the control of emissions from a particular emission source category located in a particular geographical region? Communication and interpretation of the results derived from these planning models to the public as well as the training in the application of such models are also integral to the role of the AQMF.

The WRAP released two RFP's to assist with this modeling: one for creation of a WRAP Regional Modeling Center (RMC) and one for a "Jump-Start" contract to initialize the modeling.

The RMC contract was awarded to the University of California at Riverside with Dr. Gail S. Tonneson leading their technical work and Environ (Ralph Morris) participating as a partner in the contract. The Jump-Start contract was awarded to MCNC-Environmental Programs in Research Triangle Park, NC, also with Environ (Ralph Morris) participating as a partner in the contract. Marc Houyoux of MCNC is the technical lead. The RMC Scope of Work for the contract is available (PDF). Details of the Jump-Start contract are available at http://www.emc.mcnc.org/projects/wrapjs/index.html.

This web site contains a project summary, protocols for both the REMSAD and the Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) modeling protocols, Interim Reports with DRAFT Data Archiving and Transfer Plan, and DRAFT MCIP.


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