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Air Pollution Prevention Forum: Efficiency & Renewables

For Public Review Until March 14:
WRAP Policy on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency as Pollution Prevention Strategies for Regional Haze

On November 12, 2002 the Air Pollution Prevention (AP2) Forum reported its findings to the WRAP Board. The Forum recommended the WRAP adopt a regional policy supporting renewable energy and energy efficiency measures as cost-effective strategies states and tribes could adopt to reduce regional haze. In support of this policy statement the AP2 Forum also presented the WRAP with a draft report entitled Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency: Summary of Findings and Recommendations of the Air Pollution Prevention Forum. The report provided a summary of findings and broad policy recommendations, developed by the AP2 Forum and the Forum's Tribal Issues Committee, and based on the policy analysis and economic modeling conducted by the Forum over a three year period.

The WRAP voted to adopt the policy statement on renewable energy and energy efficiency, as amended. In adopting the policy statement the WRAP also recognized that more detailed recommendations on energy efficiency and renewable energy for states and tribes had not yet been included in the AP2 report to the WRAP. Accordingly, the WRAP directed the AP2 Forum and the IOC to complete an annotated version of the policy and provide opportunity for "ample review by all WRAP members, stakeholders and other interested parties, and to present the final document to the Board for approval at its next meeting."

The AP2 Forum is offering this opportunity for public comment on the resulting document, WRAP Policy on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency as Pollution Prevention Strategies for Regional Haze, February, 2003.

Comments will be accepted until 5:00 PM MST, Friday, March 14, 2003. Comments must be submitted in writing to:

Lee Alter
Western Governors' Association
1515 Cleveland Place, Suite 200
Denver, CO 80202

After review of public (and AP2 Forum) comments, the revised version of the policy will be submitted to the WRAP Board for consideration and endorsement at its April 2-3 meeting.

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