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Attribution of Haze Workgroup: Documents

Final Documents

GIS Landuse Dataase (8/8/05) - The purpose of this project was to develop updated, current year (2000-04) GIS databases for use in air quality and emission inventory development efforts. These data will be used in air quality analysis and support of source attribution/apportionment activities; improvement of near-field activity data and analysis of emissions strengths; provide more uniform landuse and demographic data to make temporally consistent regional estimates of biogenics, ammonia, and windblown dust emissions; providing a consistent set of baseline data for area source activity data and planning; and identify and apply appropriate GIS data layers for Canada and Mexico. Deliverables for the project include technical memos and appendices summarizing Identification of Relevant GIS Data and Sources, GIS Data Evaluation, and a final report entitled "Development of Current Year GIS Databases for Air Quality and Emission Inventory Development and Analysis for the WRAP". For more information, please contact Tom Moore or Lee Alter.

Phase I Project Plan (02/24/04) PDF or DOC

Phase I Project Overview (01/27/04) PDF or PPT

Draft Documents

Technical Recommendations on Monitoring Metrics for Regional Haze Planning (09/22/06) PDF or DOC (4.2 MB)

Technical Recommendations on Monitoring Metrics for Regional Haze Planning (08/25/06) DOC (4.2 MB) or PDF

AoH Phase II Draft Work Plan Draft (08/17/05): PDF or DOC

AoH Product Tables (08/17/05): DOC

Draft Product Data Source Matrix (08/17/05): XLS

Archived Documents

Request for Proposal: Attribution of Haze Project PDF or DOC
(04/29/04, DUE: 06/08/04, 2pm MDT)


Attribution of Haze Workgroup





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