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Attribution of Haze Work Group: AoH Phase I Report

The Attribution of Haze Phase I Report is available by individual sections below.

Attribution of Haze Report (Phase I): Geographic Attribution for the Implementation of the Regional Haze Rule
  • Title Page, Table of Contents, and Acronym Table (205 Kb, PDF)
  • Section 1: Introduction (381 Kb, PDF)
  • Section 2: Analytical Approach (1.2 Mb, PDF)
  • Section 3: Attribution of Haze Web Site Description (651 Kb, PDF)
  • Section 4: Regional Attributions and Assessments (5.3 Mb, PDF)
  • Section 5: Recommendations for Phase II (145 Kb, PDF)

The following link opens a summary of the comments received on the previous draft report:
The following links contain various presentations given by Air Resource Specialists during Phase I of the project:
  • ARS Presentation, Denver Meeting (7/23/2004) PPT
  • ARS Presentation, Call 1 (8/10/2004) PPT
  • ARS Presentation, Call 2 (8/24/2004) PPT
  • ARS Presentation, Call 3 (9/7/2004) PPT
  • Revised Agenda for AoH Workgroup Meeting (9/21-9/22/2004) PDF
  • WRAP AoH Meeting, part 1a PPT, part 1b PDF, part 2 PPT, part 3 PPT (9/21-9/22/2004)
  • WRAP AoH Conference Call (10/8/2004) PPT
  • DRAFT Agenda for Las Vegas Meeting DOC
  • WRAP AoH Conference Call (10/22/2004) PDF
  • WRAP Meeting (Las Vegas) (11/16/2004) PDF
  • WRAP Meeting (Las Vegas), part 1 PDF, part 2 PDF (11/18/2004)
  • WRAP Meeting (Phoenix) (12/14/2004) PPT
  • WRAP Meeting (San Francisco) (3/8/2005) PPT

Attribution of Haze Workgroup





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