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Regional Haze Rule
Part 51 -- Requirements For Preparation, Adoption, And Submittal Of Implementation Plans
(current 2007 version with EPA changes)

§51.300 Purpose and applicability
§51.301 Definitions
§51.302 Implementation control strategies for reasonably attributable visibility impairment
§51.303 Exemptions from control
§51.304 Identification of integral vistas
§51.305 Monitoring for reasonably attributable visibility impairment
§51.306 Long-term strategy requirements for reasonably attributable visibility impairment
§51.307 New source review
§51.308 Regional haze program requirements
§51.309 Requirements related to the Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission
Appendix Y Guidelines for BART Determinations Under the Regional Haze Rule
All Sections Download all sections as one document

All files are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

“Each section of the Regional Haze Rule, 40CFR 51 300-309, is presented here, along with Appendix Y. The rule was first promulgated July 1, 1999, and was amended in Federal Register notices on July 6, 2005 (to modify BART provisions and provide guidelines as Appendix Y) and on October 13, 2006 (to add alternatives-to-BART provisions, replacing the 309 SO2 Annex). These revisions are indicated by highlights in the text of sections 302, 308 and 309 – grey for the July 6, 2005 revisions, yellow for the October 13, 2006 revisions.”


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