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Stimulating dialogue on the advancement of atmospheric aerosols research among the world's researchers, sponsors, and students.

APACE is an informal network of researchers, sponsors, support organizations, and individuals working to create an open dialogue about atmospheric research worldwide.

We have held three workshops and are planning a fourth on inventory emissions. If you would like to be notified about progress on this next workshop, contact the workshop coordinator by email.

Workshop #1
Secondary Organic Aerosols Workshop

Feb. 5-7, 2002
Reno, Nevada
Desert Research Institute

Workshop #2
Organic and Elemental Carbon International Workshop (OCEC)

March 4-6, 2003
Durango, Colorado
Fort Lewis College

Workshop #3
Organic Speciation Workshop

April 5-7, 2004
Las Vegas, Nevada
Desert Research Institute


The APACE Website is maintained at the Office of Community Services at Fort Lewis College and is made possible through the support of the US Environmental Protection Agency, National Science Foundation, Western Regional Air Partnership/Western Governors Assocation and the National Park Service.