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International Organic Speciation Workshop Summary Report (View/Download in PDF format.)

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1 Sampling Issues Related to Organic Speciation of PM and SVOC (Lara Gundel)

2 Analytical Challenges (Monica Mazurek)

3 Organic Speciation Related To The Source – Receptor Modeling (Eric Fujita)

4 Organic Speciation for the Needs of Health Studies (Joe Mauderly)

5 Organic Speciation Effects on Regional and Global Scale Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate (Mark Jacobson)

6 Unexplained & Unresolved Mass (Hans Puxbaum)

7 What Types of Measurements are Needed for Exposure Assessment? What do We Know About Indoor Organic Speciation? (L-J Sally Liu)

8 Advances in Organic Characterization and Quantification Applicable to Organic Aerosols (Reinhard Niessner)


The Organic Speciation International Workshop is sponsored by the Western Regional Air Partnership/Western Governors Association. APACE is seeking support from the US Dept. of Energy, US EPA Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards, and the National Science Foundation.