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Oil/Gas Emissions Workgroup: Phases I & II Inventories

Phases I & II Final Documents

In late 2005 the WRAP completed the Phase I oil and gas emission inventory project to estimate for the first time, emissions from these field operations. Emphasis was placed on generating the first complete and consistent area source estimates for this source category with the potential to impair visibility near Class I areas in the West, in particular NOx. Discussion of the results from Phase I, uncertainties identified, and the availability of additional data then led to the Phase II project, completed in Fall 2007. Phase II also focused on NOx and SOx emissions affecting regional haze planning.

Final Phase II O&G Inventory Report (03/31/08 correction) PDF (1 MB)
This is ENVIRON’s September, 2007 Final Report of the “WRAP AREA SOURCE EMISSIONS INVENTORY PROJECTIONS AND CONTROL STRATEGY EVALUATION – PHASE II”. The Report provides an overview of the Phase II project and then describes results from the five Project tasks:

  • Improvements to the 2002 O&G Field Operation Emissions Inventory
  • Updating Baseline O&G Field Operation Emissions from 2002 to 2005
  • Control Strategy Evaluation for O&G Field Operations
  • 2018 O&G Field Operation Emissions Forecasts
  • Improvements to O&G Point Source SOx Emissions Forecasts for 2018

Appendix A: Phase II O&G Inventory Report (10/4/07) XLS This is the “Example Controls Scenario for the San Juan Basin, New Mexico” spreadsheet referenced in Appendix A of the Report.

Final Phase I Project Report: Oil And Gas Emission Inventories For The Western States PDF (12/27/05, 3.4 MB)

Archived Documents

Phase II O&G Project Update PDF (05/30/07, 1.6 MB)
This presentation contains material for the May 30th, 2007 informational call to review ENVIRON’s “White Papers” that identify potential emission control measures for O&G field operations, along with expected control effectiveness and cost assessment.

Phase II Project Update PDF (05/08/07)
This presentation contains material for the May 8th, 2007 informational call, including an Overview of the WRAP Phase II Oil & Gas Inventory Project, methods and data sources for compiling the inventories and a comparison of results as changed from the Phase I inventory completed in 2005.

Phase II Background Documents

  • ENVIRON Work Plan (11/09/06) PDF (1.4 MB)
  • ENVIRON Scope of Work for Phase II (08/07/06) PDF
  • ENVIRON NMED project report including oil & gas area source emissions estimates for Rio Arriba and San Juan Counties (08/31/06) PDF
  • ENVIRON questionnaire for O&G producers for obtaining activity and emissions data PDF (1.6 MB)

Phase I Background Documents

  • Spatial Allocation Surrogates For Oil And Gas Emissions (08/11/05, 1.5 MB) PDF
  • Projections Work Plan PDF
  • Draft Documentation - 2002 Emissions Methods and Results (07/25/05) PDF
  • Presentation for 05/05/05 Work Group call PDF
  • Oil and Gas Draft Work Plan (03/10/05) DOC or PDF

Oil and Gas Processes and Emissions PDF

USGS Map of US Oil and Gas Fields JPG

EIA Map of US Coal Bed Methane Production Areas (5.3MB) PDF


Oil & Gas Emissions


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