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Fire Emissions Joint Forum:
Emissions (Task

WRAP 2002 Phase II Fire Emission Inventory

Final Report: 2002 Fire Emission Inventory for the WRAP Region - Phase II
The Fire Emissions Joint Forum (FEJF) of the WRAP has prepared 2002 emission inventories for wildfire, wildland fire use (WFU), prescribed burning in wildlands, non-Federal rangeland burning, and agricultural burning. The 2002 emission inventory files for fire have been and will be used by the WRAP's Regional Modeling Center (RMC) as input to the regional dispersion model. WRAP State and tribal air quality and forestry offices and approximatly 30 Federal Land Manager offices were provided the opportunity to provide a quality control (QC) review of the fire activity and emissions data. The report documents the technical methodologies to compile activity data, quantify emissions, and format the data for output to several systems (SMOKE IDA, National Emissions Inventory (NEI) (NIF3.0 format) and WRAP's Emissions Data Management System (EDMS)). The report also presents summary statistics for fire emissions for 2002 for the WRAP region. (07/22/05) PDF

NIF 3.0 Point Source Format (Adapted for fire)

Note: Zipped inventory files range in size from 1 to 280 Megabytes.

WRAP Region-wide Alaska Arizona


Colorado Idaho Montana Nevada New Mexico North Dakota


South Dakota Utah Washington Wyoming
SMOKE Model Format (PT/IDA)

WRAP Region-wide
Single Zip file with PTINV, PTDAY, and PTHOUR fixed width text files
"wf" = Wildland fire (wildfire, prescribed fire, WFU)
"agnoca" = Agricultural sources in the WRAP-Region other than California
"agca" = Agricultural sources in California
"nfr" = Non-Federal prescribed rangeland burning

Source Event Database Files (Zipped dBASE IV)

Data field definitions for Wildland Fire DBF and applicable to all fire source DBFs: WRAP_PhII_EI_Definitions_20050411.xls.


Fire Emissions Joint Forum



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