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Fire Emissions Joint Forum : Meetings & Calls

Fire Emissions Tracking System (FETS) Project Meeting
August 31-September 1, 2009, Boise, ID

Meeting Agenda: PDF or DOC
Meeting Logistics
Attendees List (in-person & phone): PDF or DOC

Teleconference Information: Phone (866) 206-0240, Access Code 839702

Meeting Objectives:

  1. Review and discuss FETS operations 2008 through 2010;
  2. Discuss and review FETS contractor support activities
  3. Discuss collaborative extramural fire emissions projects involving the FETS; and
  4. Roundtable update on Fire and Smoke Emissions Management and Planning.

Notes & Action Items:

  Interactive Agenda

(Related meeting documents will be linked as they become available.)

Monday, August 31, 2009
1:00 pm

Welcome, Introduction, and Agenda Review (Mark Fitch)


FETS Operations 2008-09 Status Report PDF (2.6 MB) or PPT (3 MB) (Matt Mavko & Dave Randall)

  • Status Report – data acquisition; development; training.
  • Features List – what’s “in” and what is (still) “out”.
  • Case Studies: FETS lessons learned, problems fixed, etc.
  • Report on Findings: How well did FETS do in “automatically” generating a “Level 1” emissions inventory?
2:45 Break

WRAP Activities Overview (Tom Moore)

  • Active projects during 2009-10
    • Activities Overview Presentation PDF or PPT
    • WRAP 2010 funding needs and resources for basic operation of technical support for jurisdictions in the WRAP region PDF or DOC
    • 2010 CalNex “Expansion to the Downwind WRAP Region” Survey Outline PDF or DOC
  • Revised WRAP Charter draft PDF or DOC

FETS Operations/Contractor Activities for 9/2009 through 12/2010


Proposed FETS Operations/Contractor Activities to support Regional Coordination (Matt/Dave)

  • Reconciling differences in burn approval deadline times.
  • "Coordinate Better on Coordination" PDF or PPT
  • Data collection and processing for regional day-to-day coordination
    • ClearSky Reruns for Accomplished Agricultural Burning PDF or PPT (3.6 MB)
  • Training and user support

Smoke Manager and Air Quality User Needs from FETS for Retrospective Air Quality Analyses & Development of Implementation Plans

  • Process for 2008 NEI fire emissions data reporting PDF or PPT (overview by Matt)
    • General requirements (when, whom, what, etc.).
    • Review timelines for emissions QA/QC (state Rx vs. EPA-statistically based Rx)
    • Discussion of state, tribal, local, and federal agencies’ needs
      • Maricopa County 2008 Wildfire Emissions White Paper PDF or DOC
  • QA and Advanced Data Processing for subsequent regional analyses (Tom)
    • Support and participation in extramural collaborative projects
    • Collaborative fire emissions analysis and inventory (CFEAI) pilot project
5:30 Adjourn for the Day.
Tuesday, September 1, 2009
8:00 am

Agenda Review (Mark)


USFS Remote Sensing Applications Center (RSAC) functions/capabilities (Brad Quayle) PDF 4 MB) or PPT (4.5 MB)


Collaborative fire emissions analysis and inventory (CFEAI) pilot project integrating Ground-based and Remote Sensing data (Tom) PDF (5.4 MB) or PPT (6.6 MB)

10:00 Break

Discussion of CFEAI Project - Smoke Manager/Air Quality User Needs and FETS Contractor Support Activities in 2009-10 (All)


Lunch (on your own)

1:00 pm

Fire and Smoke Emissions Management by Federal and State Agencies – roundtable discussion (All)

WRAP-up objectives of this discussion include:

  1. Identify needs and desired changes (FETS functions, reporting functions, others);
  2. Describe how FETS tools are/have been applied; coordination; et cetera; and
  3. Update recent changes to fire/smoke management practices and programs.
  • 2009 Fire Season to date
  • Fall/Winter 2009 through Spring 2010 Prescribed Fire Activities
  • Fire Management Planning for Insect Kill, Carbon Storage, & Climate Change effects
  • Smoke Management Planning affected by these issues, resources, legislation, et cetera
  • Other topics?

Conference call/meeting schedule for FETS Project Management (All)

3:00 Adjourn and homeward bound

Fire Emissions Joint Forum



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